My name is Brian Pannuzzo. I am a certified Nutrition Coach who specializes in working with men whose professional success has cost them their health, marriage and relationships with family and themselves. 

I spent 20 years on Wall Street as a bond trader. Everything in my life appeared perfect on the surface.  I was making great money, I had a beautiful family, we took nice vacations and lived the life you'd expect from a husband & father who was financially successful. 

But underneath the surface, my life was falling apart.  I was overweight, my body was broken down, my marriage was on the brink of divorce and I had casual drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions. 


One day, 8 years ago...I "woke up" to this broken body, marriage, and mindset. 

I realized that my success came with a massive cost.  Ones that needed to be repaid quickly, before I lost everything that I loved in my life. 

So I went to work...on my body, on my marriage, on my addictions and mindset. 

I became so obsessed with this that I've turned it into a passionate career.  I get to help men do what I've done.  It's one of the greatest feelings in the world. 


Through years of tireless education and work, I've developed a system that allows career driven men to have it all...the body, marriage, family, and mindset that fuels them to make more money at work than ever before.  


I want you to experience what I now know and have in my life. 

Get FIT, create your DREAM marriage, make MORE money

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The Elite Dad Jumpstart Program provides daily videos and actionable items you can implement every day to find the best version of yourself. 

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I provide a 1-on-1 coaching experience that will help you become ELITE in all areas of your life. You will look great naked and have more sex with your wife.  You'll reduce dependencies on vices and transform your mindset from weak to indestructible. Working with me will time-collapse these results from years into months.

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